Graduate Programs

The Department of Biology has two graduate programs: The Master of Science (MS) Degree Program and the Biotechnology Certificate Program (BCP). Prospective students can read more about these programs and how to apply by clicking the tabs above for prospective students. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for students enrolled in degree-granting programs only. Thus, financial aid may be available to students that are accepted into the MS or MS/BCP joint program. Financial aid is not available to students enrolled in the BCP alone. Click the appropriate link at right for more information about "Tuition and Fees" and "Financial Aid".

Other Funding Opportunities

Click the appropriate link at right to learn more about "Pioneer Scholarships", the "Center for Student Research" and other "Graduate Opportunities and Financial Resources" that may be available to new and continuing graduate students at CSUEB. 

Teaching Assistantships (TAs)

While there is no guarantee that spots will be available, Master of Science graduate students can apply for paid TA positions before or after arrival on campus. For more information about the application process and compensation, please contact Natalie Granera, our office manager in the Department of Biological Sciences (natalie.granera@csueastbay.edu).

MS in Marine Sciences

CSUEB can serve as the host institution for those individuals interested in pursuing the MS in Marine Sciences at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. That said, all questions concerning this program should be directed towards the Graduate Program Coordinator at MLML.

Terra Eggink, Graduate Program Coordinator
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039


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